Progress continues toward the win against childhood obesity and youth physical inactivity

Childhood obesity can prove to be an achilles heel for many young adults but some forge ahead and do what they can to win the battle.

It was first reported in November 2013 that Tony Picard, a 17 year old running back for White Swan High School, weighed in at 400 pounds. However, during a January 2014 follow up interview with his coach, Andrew Bush, Picard’s real weight during that time was 413 pounds when the Washington Huskies, a University of Washington football team, weighed him during the same time frame.

Tony Picard

Former White Swan High School running back from Washington state, Tony Picard, recently weighed in at 400 plus pounds. He has since lost weight and now weighs 385 pounds. (AP PHOTO/YAKIMA HERALD-REPUBLIC, GORDON KING)

Since last speaking to coach Bush in December of 2013 about his star running back, and during the follow up, coach had this to say, “Picard is doing quite well. He’s trying to stay in shape. He is not playing basketball this year due to all of the things he has going on that are keeping him busy.” Bush also added, “Tony was able to get his weight down to 385 pounds. He’s been spending a lot of time in the weight room and running.”

The Centers for Disease Control is still reporting a decline in obesity among low-income pre-school aged youth.

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